Cyberspace Security College: Focusing on students' professional characteristics and giving play to the education function of universities

Published date: 2022-09-23 Author: Yuan Dan Source: Cyberspace Security Institute Editor: Liu Jie Reviewer: He Sixi Number of hits:

At noon on September 20, the opening ceremony of the Fourth Cyber Culture Festival and the launch ceremony of 2022 "White Hat" Competitive Activity Month was held in our school。The assistant president of Qianxin Group, the person in charge of Education Industry Department of Hunan District, and the person in charge of Cyberspace Security College of our college attended the activity。

In the opening ceremony, the secretary of the General Party Branch of the Cyberspace Security College made a mobilization speech, he pointed out that the purpose of holding this activity is to highlight the characteristics of campus culture, so that freshmen feel our school's rich and colorful cultural atmosphere。The lecture by senior network security experts of Qi 'an Xin Group pushed the overall atmosphere of the opening ceremony to a climax, and also opened the prelude of the network culture Festival. The lecture encouraged the new students of 2022 to take this network security competition as the starting point, lay a good professional foundation, and welcome the new knowledge beginning with a brand new look。

It is reported that the network culture Festival of our college will carry out a series of activities such as "Ingenuity Lecture", "Jade Plan", "My Self-study is a little fashionable", "White Hat" competitive activity month, academic consultation and best Knowledge。其中,The "White Hat" competitive activity month is jointly organized by the Cyber Space Security Academy and Qi 'an Xin Group,It aims to promote a healthy cyber culture,Create a network culture education environment,At the same time, through this activity, students can learn in communication, grow in competition, and consolidate professional knowledge in actual combat,Enhance students' confidence in employment。

In recent years, the college has made certain achievements in party building, community culture, psychological education, financial education, network education and other aspects。This activity will launch freshmen to actively participate in the network culture festival activities, give play to the subject guidance, stimulate students' object initiative, and open a new model of education from enrollment。

Cyber security experts give lectures

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