Hospital trade union: the Double Ninth Festival to warm the heart, love is full of late autumn heavy fine

-- Our college organized autumn tour activities for retired staff on the Double Ninth Festival

Published date: 2022-09-26 Author: Ren Guang-ping Source: Trade Union Editor: Liu Jie Reviewer: He Sixi Number of hits:

To promote the traditional virtues of respecting, loving and respecting the elderly,Inherit the culture of respecting the elderly on the Double Ninth Festival,To further enrich the spiritual and cultural life of retired faculty and staff,In 2022, the Double Ninth Festival is approaching,Under the premise of precise implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures,To organize and carry out autumn tour activities for retired staff during the Double Ninth Festival,The retired comrades gathered together happily,Remember the days when we fought together,Talk about your retirement,Imagine the future of the school。

Along the green road, participating in the activity of the old comrades all in fine spirits, interest, walking chat, talk about the recent situation, reminisce about the past, old age, happy, feeling慨着学校从舞水之滨的技校发展成为湖南省示范性高职学院,The high quality development of the college and the rapid changes of the great motherland,Thumbs up for the good life you have now,We are looking forward to the upcoming Party Congress。

"This activity fully felt the college Party committee's care for the retired comrades,Even though we're retired,But as long as my country needs me,The academy needs me.,Students need me,We will always tell the party history story and the history of the school story,I also have stronger confidence and hope for the future of the school and the development of the motherland。”

This Double Ninth Festival activity not only carries forward the traditional virtues of respecting, respecting and caring for the elderly of the Chinese nation, but also makes the retired teachers feel the warmth from the school, and creates a strong and harmonious festival atmosphere。The union of our College will also bear in mind the purpose of service, innovate working ideas, care more about retired teachers, continue to provide them with better services, improve the retired teachers' sense of happiness, sense of belonging and satisfaction, and strengthen the cohesion and centripetal force of our college。

Retired workers talk to each other

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