The college held the launching ceremony of the special action of Secretary and President visiting enterprises to promote employment and the signing ceremony of school-enterprise cooperation agreement

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To improve the market-oriented and socialized employment and entrepreneurship mechanism of graduates,We will expand the channels for graduates to find jobs and start businesses,Implement the Implementation Plan of the Special Action of Hunan Provincial College Secretary and President Visiting Enterprises to Expand Jobs and Promote Employment,Strengthen exchanges and cooperation between schools and enterprises,On the morning of May 12th,Under the guidance of Hunan Provincial Department of Education, Changsha Municipal People's Government and Wangcheng Economic Development District Administrative Committee,The launch ceremony of "Secretary and President Visit Enterprises to expand their positions" special action to promote employment of Hunan Information Vocational and Technical College and the signing ceremony of school-enterprise cooperation Agreement were held in the Management Committee of Jingkai District, Wangcheng District。

Cao Min, Director of Student Affairs Office of Hunan Provincial Department of Education, Deputy Director of Hunan Vocational College Employment Guidance Center曾静、望城经开区管委会主任郑以仁、望城经开区党工委副书记佘浩宇、Hunan Polytechnic of Information Technology书记贺代贵、院长陈剑旄等领导、望城经开区管委会相关负责人、望城经开区“一主三特”产业链重点企业有关负责同志一同出席了启动仪式。

He Daigui introduced the special action of Secretary and President visiting enterprises to promote employment。分享学院构建的“招生、培养、就业”联动机制;搭建的“互联网+”精准就业平台;制定的系列帮扶贫困毕业生就业举措。It said that it will deepen the cooperation with Wangcheng Economic Development Zone, truly realize the "sharing of high-quality resources, complementary talents, collaborative innovation of science and technology, common education of talents in short supply", provide technical and skilled personnel support for the implementation of the "three high and four new" strategic positioning and mission, and make new contributions to accelerate the construction of a modern vocational education system。

Zheng Yiren said that the demand for talents and the supply side of talent training of both sides are highly consistent, and the two sides have continued to carry out in-depth cooperation and forged profound revolutionary friendship。Take this event as an opportunity,Focus on the development needs of "one main and three special" industries,We will continue to strengthen tripartite cooperation between parks, schools and enterprises,Strive for talent docking, talent training, technical support, policy publicity, industry-university-research cooperation and other aspects,Establish a comprehensive, long-term and stable cooperative relationship,We will embark on a path of cultivating talents with characteristics that serve local governments, enterprises and development。

Cao Min said that the provincial Department of Education carefully organized and deployed employment work in advance to promote high quality and full employment of college graduates in the province。Both the total number and the increase of graduates this year set new highs,The task is arduous and the responsibility is great,We should take the activity of "Secretary and President visiting enterprises to promote employment" as an opportunity,全员全力促就业;要以“书记校长访企拓岗”活动为抓手,做好服务促就业;要以“三高四新”战略定位和使命任务为导向,Promote employment around the central government。

At the opening ceremony, President Chen Jianmao signed cooperation agreements with Wangcheng Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee and Changsha Zhaoxing Botuo Technology Co., LTD., on behalf of Hunan College of Information Technology, and signed cooperation agreements with eight key companies。Hospital leaders Zhu Huantao, Yu Qiugen, CAI Qiong participated in related activities。

Afterwards, leaders attending the meeting visited "Liard Optoelectronic Co., LTD.", "Daika Automobile Co., LTD." and other enterprises in the park, and discussed the deepening of school-enterprise cooperation, supply and demand docking and other matters, and launched the prelude of visiting enterprises to expand their positions in an all-round way。

The launching ceremony of the special action of "Secretary and President Visit Enterprises to Expand their Posts" to promote employment

School-enterprise cooperation agreement signing ceremony

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