"The First Lesson of the New Semester" of "Key Minority" in our School

-- The Academy will hold the 2022 annual Work conference

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2月17日,On the eve of the opening of the school, all 87 middle-level and above cadres attended the one-day 2022 annual work conference,We will provide centralized training for leading officials to report personal matters,传达学习中央、省市纪委全会精神,研讨交流学院2022年度工作思路与重点工作目标任务……给学院“关键少数”上了“新学期第一课”。Party Secretary He Daigui and other leaders of the institute attended the meeting, which was chaired by Chen Jianmao, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and president, and all mid-level and above cadres attended。

At the meeting, the leadership of the cadre Supervision Department of the Municipal Party Committee made a special guidance report, which gave a comprehensive and detailed explanation of the work related to the personal reports of the leading cadres。会议进一步解读了《Hunan Polytechnic of Information Technology2022年度工作思路与重点工作目标任务》,传达学习中央、省市纪委全会精神。The participants discussed and exchanged ideas on 50 key tasks of the school in 2022 and related work arrangements at the beginning of the semester. The leaders of the school reported and gave feedback on the discussion results。The meeting further unified thinking, clear tasks, put forward requirements, and promote the implementation of the annual key work。

He Daigui pointed out that 2022 is the beginning year of the special action to welcome, study and publicize the Party's 20 Major Congress, and is a key year for the college's high-quality development, overcome difficulties and accelerate。We should raise our political position, stick to our original aspiration, complete the tasks assigned by the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government with high quality, and achieve "three guarantees and seven stability".。We should focus on key tasks, strengthen our sense of mission, implement them one by one with dedication and enterprising spirit, and work hard and carefully with the spirit of hammering nails。He stressed that we should take the initiative to study problems, innovate ways and methods, and lead everyone to work together。To be a good leader goose, do a good job of new demonstration, do business, will seize the development of the leading cadres。Strengthen supervision and ensure implementation, resolutely use the assessment results。Make good use of incentive mechanism to form upward force。To create an upward atmosphere, boost team morale and work hard。

陈剑旄指出,这既是学院党委为“关键少数”新学期上的第一课,也是一堂春风化雨、培根铸魂的干部思想政治教育课,更是一场鼓舞斗志、催人奋进的工作动员会。He stressed that the spiritual connotation of "the first lesson of the new semester" should be thoroughly understood。We need to raise our political stance, highlight strategic support, focus on key targets, and highlight high-quality development。Relevant departments should earnestly conclude, summarize and absorb the operational guidance pointed out at the meeting, improve the relevant work content, and promote the achievement of core objectives and strategies。He asked all the participants to put themselves in it and put their responsibilities in it。We will do something special in a special year, live up to The Times, live up to expectations, take concrete actions to practice hard work, and welcome the convening of the Party's 20 National Congress。

Meeting site

Party Secretary He Daigui speech

Chen Jianmao, deputy Party secretary and dean, chaired the meeting and delivered a speech

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