Luo Zhen Ji, member of the Standing Committee of Changsha Municipal Committee and Minister of Organization Department of Changsha Municipal Committee, visited our institute for investigation

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On the afternoon of June 17th, Luo Zhuji, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Committee and director of the Organization Department, visited our institute. Party Secretary He Daigui, President Chen Jianmao and other leaders participated in the survey。

Luo Ji line has to college new campus and other places field research。In the process of research, Luo Jinji and the relevant person in charge of in-depth communication, a detailed understanding of the college party construction work, school philosophy, teacher team construction, education and teaching work, school infrastructure, talent training work and so on。Luo Ji gives high recognition to the work of the school。Luo: Ji stressed that the college should adhere to the high-quality Party construction to lead the high quality development of the college cause, to further explore and promote the deep integration of the development of government, school and enterprise, to have the courage to act as a good dare to venture, dare to create, dare to do, dare to fight。

Our school continues to actively focus on the construction of "four centers" in Changsha,Deep docking Changsha 22 industrial chains,Actively participate in the new journey of "strong provincial capital",Will take this research as a new starting point,Deeply understand, learn and grasp the municipal leadership of the school construction and development of accurate guidance,An energetic, persist on,In the service of Changsha local development to show the responsibility and action of Xiangxin Institute。

Luo Zhen Ji, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Committee and Minister of the Organization Department, visited the laser engraving works of our students

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