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It is a prestigious public school with an outstanding reputationHunan Polytechnic of Information Technology is located in Wangcheng District, Changsha City,It is adjacent to Shichang Railway, Yuelin Expressway, Ring Expressway, Huangqiao Avenue, Changzhutan rail transit hub, Changsha high-speed West Railway Station and Metro Line 4,Through Leifeng Avenue, Jinxing Avenue direct Changsha City core area,well-placed,Convenient transportation,Beautiful scenery,Pleasant environment。

Founded in 1975, our college moved from Huaihua to Changsha in 1991. In 1999, it merged with Electronic Workers University and upgraded to a higher vocational college. It is a public vocational college directly under Changsha Municipal government, and one of the first...

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Historical evolution


Changsha City "721" electronic technical workers University was established

Huaihua Radio Technical School of the Fourth Ministry of Machinery Industry was established



Changsha "July 21" Electronic Technical Workers University was renamed Changsha Electronic Workers University

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