Information disclosure

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First, basic information

1. School profile

School profile

2. Articles of Association and rules and regulations formulated by the School

School system

Annual report on information disclosure

3. Related systems and work reports of the Faculty and staff Congress

The conference system of the faculty and staff congress

Report of the Staff Congress meeting

4. Academic Committee related system

Academic committee constitution

Ii. Information of admission examination

1、Hunan Information Vocational and Technical College enrollment regulations

2、Enrollment plan of Hunan Information Vocational and Technical College

3、Hunan College of Information Technology recruits students separately

Iii. Financial, assets and fee information

1. Financial and asset management system

Relevant system of Changsha Finance Bureau

College finance related system

2. Asset management system

College assets management related system

College procurement management related system

3. Bidding information

Purchase announcement

Announcement of winning the bid

4. Budget and final accounts of revenue and expenditure

The budget and final accounts are made public

5. Fee items, fee basis, fee standard and complaint method

Charge standard

Iv. Personnel and Faculty information

1、Recruitment information

2、Post management and employment methods

5. Administration of Cadres

1、Appointment and removal of cadres

2、Cadre management

6. Teaching quality information

1. Professional setting

List of specialties of Hunan Information Vocational and Technical College

2. Annual report on employment quality of college graduates

Hunan College of Information Technology Annual Report on Graduates' Employment Quality 2021

7. Student management service information

1. School registration management Measures

Hunan Information Vocational and Technical College student status management regulations

2. Regulations on the application and management of student scholarships, grants, tuition waivers, student loans and work-study programs

Subsidy system

3. Reward and punishment measures for students

Student management system

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