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March 31, 2020Editor: Shi FengSource: Party Administration Office

It is a prestigious public school with an outstanding reputationHunan Polytechnic of Information Technology is located in Wangcheng District, Changsha City,It is adjacent to Shichang Railway, Yuelin Expressway, Ring Expressway, Huangqiao Avenue, Changzhutan rail transit hub, Changsha high-speed West Railway Station and Metro Line 4,Through Leifeng Avenue, Jinxing Avenue direct Changsha City core area,well-placed,Convenient transportation,Beautiful scenery,Pleasant environment。

Founded in 1975, the college moved from Huaihua to Changsha in 1991. In 1999, it merged with Electronic Workers University and upgraded to a higher vocational college. It is a public vocational college directly under Changsha Municipal government and one of the first higher vocational and technical colleges approved by the Ministry of Education in Hunan Province。With the mission of "serving the national strategy and cultivating technical talents" and the behavior orientation of "Pioneer in information technology application and cultivation base for intelligent manufacturing talents", our school has cultivated a large number of specialized talents with information skills for the development of information industry and local economy。It is the chairman unit of Hunan Information Industry Vocational Education Group, the leading unit of Hunan 3D digital technology Manufacturing Strategic alliance, and the chairman unit of Hunan Electronics Society, Hunan Radio Society and Hunan Robot and Artificial Intelligence Promotion Society。Known as the "Huangpu Military Academy" and "Information Hunan Army" for IT talents in Hunan 。

Characteristic school, famous teachers gather togetherThe college has set up six major groups: robot technology application, intelligent manufacturing technology application, mobile Internet technology application, cyberspace security technology application, e-commerce technology and service, cultural communication and art design。It covers 35 popular majors in the market。It has two national key construction majors including numerical control technology and e-commerce,Software technology, electrical automation technology 2 backbone majors of the Ministry of Education,Mobile Internet technology application, intelligent manufacturing technology application of 2 provincial first-class characteristic professional groups,Mobile Internet technology application provincial demonstration characteristic professional group,Provincial demonstration specialty of electronic Information engineering technology,Software technology, electrical automation technology 2 provincial specialty,Five provincial-level quality majors are Software Technology, Applied Electronics Technology, electronic Information Engineering Technology, Mechanical Design and Manufacturing, and computer network Technology,There are 1 national excellent course, 1 national excellent resource sharing course and 23 provincial excellent online open courses。At present, there are 12351 students and 587 faculty and staff, including 186 associate senior teachers and above, 420 teachers with master's degree or above, 1 provincial-level famous teacher, 54 provincial-level teachers and 1 national outstanding teacher。

Integration of industry and education, employment orientationThere are 148 practice and training bases at all levels,There are 79 off-campus training bases,1 practice and training base supported by the central finance, 1 productive practice and training base of the Ministry of Education, 1 dual training practice and training base of the Ministry of Education, 1 provincial key training base, 2 provincial productive practice and training bases, 1 provincial school-enterprise cooperation productive practice and training base, 25 provincial or above teacher training bases。College and Huawei Technology, ZTE, Lenovo Group, Zoomlion, Weisheng Electronics, Hongmeng cartoon, Huashu High-tech, and other well-known domestic enterprises to carry out a variety of forms of in-depth school-enterprise cooperation。同时积极为湖南省中小企业人才开展智能机器人技术、云计算技术与大数据技术、3D类数字化制造技术、电商技术与服务等合作开发、技术推广60余项;已建成“湖南省示范性职业教育集团”。It has set up 4 incubation bases for college students' innovation and entrepreneurship, practice bases for innovation and entrepreneurship and 13 development rooms for innovation and entrepreneurship projects。We will implement a whole-process education mechanism for innovation and entrepreneurship featuring "three years of continuous learning and hierarchical learning"。The college offers specialties to connect with 22 industrial chains in Changsha City. In recent years, the employment rate of graduates in the province has reached more than 70%。In recent years, the college graduates' initial employment unit realization rate is about 91%。

Lide tree people, to culture peopleThe college offers such traditional cultural courses as "Reading and Writing", "Tea Art and Tea Culture", "Paper-cutting" and "Calligraphy",加强优秀传统文化教育;开办了尔雅通识系列课,Build an online learning platform,拓宽学生视野;实施习惯养成为核心的“四项考核”制度以及“无人监考”的诚信考试和“无纸化考试”,引导学生健康成才;奉行“家国共担、手脑并用”的校训。It has formed campus cultural brands such as "Buckle the first button of life - Admission education", "a lesson before leaving school - graduation ceremony", "Xiangxin Grand Ceremony - annual award", "Lei Feng Spirit Education", "Lei Feng Philharmonic Art Troupe", "Lei Feng Hometown Volunteer Alliance" and so on,And 36 unique campus community organizations,The University regularly publishes "Journal of Hunan Polytechnic of Information" and "Journal of Hunan Polytechnic of Information".。The Institute releases Annual Quality Report on Professional Talent Training, Annual Report on Innovation and Entrepreneurship of College Students and Annual Report on Lei Feng Spirit Education to the public every year.。Mainstream media, such as Guangming Daily, China Education Daily and Hunan Daily, have recommended our educational experience for many times。

School motto - home and country, hand and brain

School spirit - respect teachers and skills, stop at the best

Teaching style - love students love school, teach by example

Style of study -- applying what you learn and integrating what you learn into what you do

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